Papermaking Additives

April 25 - 28, 2021 | Cobb Galleria Centre | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Papermaking Additives (PA)


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This year's program will highlight the best use of current state of the art technology as well as both incremental optimization and non-incremental advancements in technology.  The focus will be on new additives and application strategies.


Papermaking Additives Technical Program

Visit our website often for program updates as the program is subject to change.

Monday, April 26
1:30PM – 3:00PM
PA1: Additives Kick off and Roundtable
    Session Chair: Lebo Xu, WestRock  
      PA1.1 Track Preview  
      PA1.2 Roundtable  
3:30PM – 5:00PM
PA2: Advances in Sizing Technologies
    Session Chair: Larry Anker, Solenis  
      PA2.1 Improved Sizing Machine Efficiency Using a Novel, Simplified Approach Stephen Marrou, Nalco Water
      PA2.2 Can It Transfer Through? Bio-based Barrier Solutions for Food Packaging Oziem Akdogan, Technick Products
      PA2.3 Novel Materials Used as Size Press LEP Primers Talia Collins, Michelman
Tuesday, April 27
8:00AM – 10:00AM
PA3: Enzymatic Innovations
    Session Chair: Rosy Covarrubias, Buckman  
      PA3.1 Introduction to Enzymes Tutorial Greg DeLozier, Novozymes
      PA3.2 A Fiber Modification Enzyme Product for Use in Cold-Water Papermaking Systems Joseph Mahoney, Buckman
      PA3.3 New Enzymatic Technology Proves Effective in Unbleached Kraft TBD
1:30PM – 3:00PM
PA4: Approaches for Improved Packaging
    Session Chair: Scott Rosencrance, Kemira  
      PA4.1 Utilization of Natural Polymer Carrageenan as Dry Strength Agent for Packaging Paper Adela Torres, Forest Products Research and Development Institute
      PA4.2 Sludge Conversion to Nanofibrillated Cellulose Nick Starrett, North Carolina State University
      PA4.3 Spraying Starch on the Fourdrinier - An Option Between Wet End Stsartch and the Size Press Cole Price, North Carolina State University
3:30PM – 5:00PM
PA5: Strategies to Manage Papermaking Contaminants
    Session Chair: Laura Rice, Nalco Water  
      PA5.1 Rapid Microbial Detection and Quantification Justin Hutcherson, Buckman
      PA5.2 Getting Out of a Sticky Situation - Novel Solutions for Eliminating "Stickies" On Process Equipment Matthew Lippmann, Fluoron
      PA5.3 Microbiological Control Through the Entire Mill Water Circuit – Benefits, Best Practices, and a Novel Approach to Improve Throughput and Quality while Reducing Capex and Opex       Donald Holt, Solenis
Wednesday, April 28
8:00AM – 10:00AM
PA6-PF6: Advances in Forming and Refining (Joint Session)
    Session Chair: Darren Swales, Kemira  
      PA6-PF6.1 Efficient Management of Fines in the Stock Flow Prior to Headbox Jouni Matula, Wetend Technologies Ltd
      PA6-PF6.2 Numerical Simulation of a Low Consistency Single-Disc Refiner Including Analysis of Experimental Rheological Data Marcus Britz, J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG
      PA6-PF6.3 Modelling of a Viscoelastic Compression Model for the Simulation of Mechanical Dewatering Processes Mustafa Usta, Georgia Institute of Technology
      PA6-PF6.4 Fundamental Understanding of Bound Water Removal in Paper Drying Process Cyrus Aidun, Georgia Institute of Technology
10:30AM – 12:00PM
PA7: Novel Cellulose Additives
    Session Chair: Leslie McLain, IMERYS  
      PA7.1 Characterization of the Extreme Hydrophilic & Oleophobic Behaviors of Bioengineered Ultrapure Nanocellulosic Gels Lucian Lucia, North Carolina State University
      PA7.2 Mineral/ Microfibrillated Cellulose Composite Materials: Recycled Fibres, Engineered Minerals and New Product Forms David Skuse, FiberLean Technologies
      PA7.3 Incorporation of Unbleached Micro- Nano-Fibrillated Cellulose (MNFC) into Linerboard for Strength Improvements and the Corresponding Efforts to Offset Negative Impacts on Drainage Heather Starkey, North Carolina State University
1:30PM – 3:00PM
PA8: New Advances in Papermaking Chemistry
    Session Chair: TBD  
      PA8.1 Applications of Foamed Additives to the Surface of Wet Handsheets Terry Bliss, Solenis
      PA8.2 Innovative Approach to Surface Treatments Kim William Robinson, Process Solutions Group
      PA8.3 The Effect of Contact Time Between CPAM and Colloidal Silica on the Flocculation Behavior in the Approach Flow  Paul  Krochak, RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden
3:30PM – 5:00PM
PA9-PM9: Wrap-Up (Joint Session)
    Session Chair: Joseph Mahoney, Buckman & Todd Varner, Jacobs