October 3 - 6, 2021 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Tissue (T)


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Focused on on-going and emerging topics of interest within the industry, the Tissue program attracts tissue professionals from all areas within manufacturing, converting and supply.

Tissue Technical Program

The program is currently under development and subject to change. Visit our website often for program updates.


Monday, October 4, 2021
1:30pm - 3:00pm ET
T1: Kickoff
    Session Chairs: Bud Chase, EDT and Suzanne Blanchet, S.L.B. Inc.  
      T1.1 Welcome & Introduction Bud Chase, EDT and Suzanne Blanchet, S.L.B. Inc.
      T1.2 Marcal Fire Learnings Rob Baron, President and CEO, Marcal
      T1.3 Issues with Dust Control Alfredo Sarli, Valmet
3:30pm - 5:00pm ET
T2: Fire Prevention
    Session Chair: Suzanne Blanchet, S.L.B. Inc.  
      T2.1 Fire Prevention and Protection Systems for Tissue, Paper Mats Kihlström, Firefly AB
      T2.2 An Introduction to Combustible Dust Hazards (Part I)

Jason Reason, Airdusco

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
8:00am - 10:00am ET
T3: Sustainability Across the Mill
    Session Chair: Jeff Peters, BTG Americas  
      T3.1 COVID Mask Francois Drolet, FPInnovations
      T3.2 Flushability in Towels and Wipes Technology Lokendra Pal, North Carolina State University
      T3.3 Pulp & Paper Industry 2021 Sustainability Kassy Brock, Aggreko
      T3.4 Sustainability Metrics for Evaluating Hygiene Tissue Products Hasan Jameel, North Carolina State University


1:30pm - 3:00pm ET
T4: Alternative Fibers/Sustainability
    Session Chair: Bud Chase, EDT  
      T4.1 This is a Great Time for a Kaizen Event on Tissue Waste David Barnard, Industrial Shredders Ltd.
      T4.2 Siliconized Paper Release Liner - Another Source of Recovered Fiber Farminder Anand, Avery Denison
      T4.3 Understanding the Potential of OCC Fibers for the Manufacture of Hygiene Tissue Hasan Jameel, North Carolina State University
       T4.4 Recovered Paper Supply for Tissue Manufacturing Bill Moore, Moore & Associates
3:30pm - 5:00pm ET
T5: Tissue 4.0
    Session Chair: Kareem Paurak  
      T5.1 Papermaking Industry 4.0: Gain More Insight from the Data You Already Have TBD, Solenis
      T5.2 Interpreting Predictive Systems Accuracy in Manufacturing Adityan Rajendran, ProcessMiner
      T5.3 Smarter Sheet Break Detection Systems Can Provide Valuable Instantaneous Information from the Mill Floor to Mill Management Karen Poole. Ryeco
Wednesday, October 6, 2021


8:00am - 10:00am ET
T6: Making Electronics Work in a Digital Age
    Session Chair: David Zerr  
      T6.1 A Review of the Implementation, Practical Application, and Observed Benefits of Adaptive Predictions and Autonomous Control in Tissue Manufacturing Jesse Stephens and Matt Callicott, St Croix Tissue
      T6.2 Manufacturing Excellence: An Accelerator to Improve Results and Employee Engagements Julie Bourgault, Ernst & Young s.r.l.
      T6.3 Immediate Workflow and Process Efficiencies Driven by Tissue Quality Management Pete Angle, ISRA VISION


10:30am - 12:00pm ET
T7: Softness/Creping
    Session Chair: Tim Patterson, Solenis  
      T7.1 The Role of Enzymes to Produce Softer Paper Bud Chase, EDT
      T7.2 Creping Blade Wear Modeling: A Statistical Approach Based on Process Data James Litchwark, BTG
      T7.3 The emtec TSA: Reaching Optimal Process and Quality by a Clear Communication Alexander Gruner, emtec Electronic GmbH
1:30pm - 3:00pm ET
T8: New Tissue Technologies
    Session Chair: Bud Chase, EDT  
      T8.1 Industrial Scale Energy Storage Systems for the Tissue Industry Aurel Giroux, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
      T8.2 How to Keep Advanced Process Controls (APCs) Operational Longer Than 24-Months  David Zerr and Michael von Grumbkow, BTG
      T8.3 Novel Branched Polyvinyl Alcohol for Yankee Coatings Jens-Mikael Gottberg, Kuraray Europe Nordic