New Technology Showcase

October 3 - 6, 2021 | Atlanta, GA USA

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New Technology Showcase I-II-III

Monday - Wednesday, October 4-6, 2021

 New Technology Showcase Theater, Exhibit Hall

Witness the Latest Technologies and Advances in the Industry

Attendees have the ability to learn about exciting new technologies and advances developed by
exhibitors selected for the Showcase. Take advantage of the opportunity to see these
new innovations and to speak directly with each presenting company.


 Subject to change.

Monday, October 4

12:00pm - 1:30pm
New Technology Showcase I

 Session Chair: Marc Foulger, Valmet

  NTS1.1 Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Predict Dry End Quality Parameters on a Paper Machine David Eapen, Valmet
  NTS1.2 The Acoustic Fingerprint of Black Liquor Pia Holmberg, Acosense
  NTS1.3 SprayScan mPT: Mobile Spray Pattern Characterization Kyle Bade, Spraying Systems Co.
  NTS1.4 Next Generation of Liquor Analyzing Gary Hopkins, Conmark, Inc.
  NTS1.5 Better Understanding Water Removal Dynamics Using Advanced Microwave Technologies Bernard Bigras-Denis, Cristini North America, Inc.
  NTS1.6 Coating Color and Starch Control - Online and in Real-Time Karl Nilsson, Acosense
  NTS1.7 Stand Alone Camera Based Solutions for Edge Crack Detection Brian Mock, Event Capture Systems Inc
  NTS1.8 How Hargrove Utilizes Aspen Fidelis to Minimize Cost of Ownership and Process Bottlenecking in Pulp and Paper Projects Nick Hausman, Hargrove
  NTS1.9 Fulvic Fractions Make The Difference In Biological Treatment Heather Jennings, Probiotic Solutions
   NTS1.10 New Digital Sheet Break Analysis Helps Maximize Operational Performance to Improve Production and Profitability in Paper Mills Laura Patrick, ABB, Inc.

Tuesday, October 5

12:00pm - 1:30pm
 New Technology Showcase II

 Session Chair: Marc Foulger, Valmet

  NTS2.1 X-Rite Inline Systems Manfred “Fredy” Binder,  X-Rite
  NTS2.2 Introducing the IRmadillo - A Universal Analyzer for Pulp and Paper Production Jonathon Speed, Keit Spectrometers
  NTS2.3 EXCEVAL Barrier Polymer for Sustainable Packaging Jens-Mikael Gottberg, Kuraray
  NTS2.4 DryMaster System: The New Generation of Short Wave Infrared Technology Stéphane Defrance, Ircon Drying Systems Corp.
  NTS2.5 Detection of Subtle Streaks & Classification of  Defects Based on Color Francois Levac, AMETEK Surface Vision
  NTS2.6 Upcycling of Recycled Feedstocks: Conversion to MFC Tom Larson, FiberLean Technologies Ltd.
  NTS2.7 New Weight Virtual Measurement Solution Reduces Sheet Break Recovery Time and Boosts Mill Profitability Laura Patrick,  ABB, Inc.
  NTS2.8 Leveraging Technologies to Optimize Project Delivery Nick Hausman, Hargrove
  NTS2.9 Motion Amplification®: A Camera-Based Visual Vibration Tool Jeff Hay, RDI Technologies
   NTS2.10 SAMGuard: How to Leverage Your Existing Data to Increase Plant Availability, Performance, and Production Matt Moyer, Samson Controls, Inc.

Wednesday, October 6

1:00pm - 1:30pm
New Technology Showcase III

Session Chair: Marc Foulger, Valmet


Eliminating Deforestation Using Satellite Technology

Ian Lifshitz, APP Sinar Mas

Intralogistics Welcomes Unicorn: Elettric80's Latest Technology for Automated Reel Management & Transport

Michael Anderson, Elettric80, Inc.

OPTIX Applied Intelligence - Predictive Analytics for Key Quality Measures

Paul Valeck, Solenis

Improving High Consistency Refiner Stability by Replacing Electromechanical Guide-valve with Hydraulic Servo Valve and Removing In-gap Position Sensor

Sylvain Renaud, Andritz

Get Industry 4.0 Results with Your Existing Instruments and Controls

Devin Cole, Metso

Strategies to Improve Equipment Reliability with a Condition Based Maintenance Program

Michael Stefanski, John Crane

Transformer Oil, Sf6 Gas & Nitrogen Leak Repairs

Gary Brown, The Colt Group

Single Product High Heat Insulation and CUI Crack Detection

Greg Allen, Superior Products International II, Inc.

Application of Advanced Microbial Diagnostics and Optimized Biocontrol Strategies Lead to Increased Production Efficiency

Laura Rice, Nalco Water

Future of MES - Towards Autonomous Mills

 Timo Arra, TietoEVRY