Hot Topics Breakfast

October 3 - 6, 2021 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Hot Topics Breakfast Roundtables

Tuesday, October 5 • 6:30 am - 7:45 am

 Join a discussion with experts!


Hot Topics Breakfast Schedule

Schedule and topics are subject to change. Visit our website often for updates.

6:30 – 6:45 am
Breakfast Buffet / Find a Table / Personal Introductions
6:45 am
TAPPI Antitrust Policy Reminder
Table Discussions to Begin
7:40 am
Five Minute Warning
7:45 am
Wrap-up and Thanks to Our Hosts
8:00 am
TAPPICon Technical Sessions Begin


Table Topics

 Coordinated by: Philip Wells, Wells Enterprises Inc. 


Subject to change.

Hot Topic
Sponsoring Group
Table Moderators

“Alternate Fiber Sources”

Sponsor: Nonwood Division

Mark Lewis, Sustainable Fiber Technologies

"Trusted Teams - performance versus trust"

Sponsor: Women in Industry Division

Jan Bottiglieri, TAPPI

“Going Digital: what does it mean for the industry”

Sponsor: Women in Industry Division  

Rosy Covarrubias, Buckman

“Are papermakers afraid of press felt trials?”

Sponsor: Papermaking Technology and Operations Committee

Marcel Lensvelt, Feltest

"Wet End Stability”

Discussion to include experiences using the recently updated TIP 0404-54, Headbox and Approach Piping Guidelines.

Sponsor: Papermaking Fundamentals Committee

Scott Pantaleo, International Paper 

"What are the measures of a successful career?”

Our industry and most other industries create large lists of goals and measurements of success. Most of these successes are fleeting and feel rather unfulfilling. What are the measures that will truly make are careers successful?

Sponsor: Couch Pit University

David Burton, Asten Johnson

“Young Engineers at Work”

What should you do/don’t do when you are new to the industry?  How to handle finances and be financial responsible.

Sponsor: Young Professionals Division

Daniel Phung, International Paper

“What does it take to make a paper product stand out?”

Join us for a discussion on ways specialty chemicals can differentiate paper and add value compared to non-paper alternatives.

Sponsor: Papermaking Additives Committee

Steve Boone, Bercen

“Process Controls – Vision to the Future”

Come join us as we discuss the vision of Process Control into the Future. New technology and  challenges.

Sponsor: Process Control Division

Dave Maddux, GPA

"PFAS looking at the future of treatment”

Sponsor: Environmental and Sustainability Group  

Heather Jennings, Bio Huma Netics Inc

"Why are we driving safety from the rearview mirror?”

Sponsor: PIMA

Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar