Advanced Coating Course

October 3 - 6, 2021 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Advanced Coating Materials and Operations Course

October 2-3, 2021  •  8:00am - 6:00pm  •  Atlanta, GA

Co-located with TAPPICon LIVE! 2021
Course Co-Chairs: Lokendra Pal, NC State and Martti Tuomisto, Advanced Dynamics Corp.


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Course Objectives:

This course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of coating materials, processes, and applications while discussing recent advances and trends in functional packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating from the leading professionals in the field.

Topics Covered:
  • Pigments
  • Binders
  • Additives
  • Formulations Development and Characterization
  • Coating Equipment and Process Overview
  • Rheology
  • Coated Products Overview and Applications
  • Packaging Development
  • Barrier Materials and Curtain Coating

Who will benefit?

This course will be beneficial to Process and Production Engineers, Product Development and Research Scientists, Technical Managers, Machine Supervisors, Suppliers or other technical people who are new to the field of coatings. This course will also be helpful for marketing, business planning personnel, and others who are involved in developing alternative grades.

Participants will gain a very good understanding of coating raw materials, how those are processed and prepared for the coating applications, rheology, application methods, and finishing with an overview of end-use applications for coated paper and paperboard. They will also get an excellent background on the new developments in packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating from the leading professionals.
Course Prerequisites: There are no education prerequisites, but general familiarity with coating materials and processes is recommended.

Learning Outcomes: 

After successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:
1.    Have a good understanding of all key coating materials and coating formulations.
2.    Design new formulations based on the knowledge gained in this course.
3.    Understand how to process the coating formulations for various application technologies.
4.    Have a good knowledge of rheological aspects to better address the runnability challenges.
5.    Understand coating application methods and which methods best serve which end uses.
6.    Understand required coated paper testing with special emphasis on barrier properties and defects.
7.    Gain an understanding of market place in packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating.
8.    Interact with leading experts in paper and paperboard coatings with your specific questions.
9.    Participate in case studies and examples of real-world situations and how they were resolved.

CEU Credits:

Earn 14 Professional Development Hours or 1.4 CEUs after completion of this course.

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