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April 22 - 26, 2023 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Below is an example of the new technologies offered by some of our exhibitors in 2022.
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Business Services

New Technology/ Demonstration/ Case Study

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Booth 106

Business Services,
Information Technology and Control, Power/ Energy, Process Equipment, Safety,
Digital Services, MES Solutions

High-Performance Infrared-Reflection (HPIR-R) moisture sensor, which provides the fastest, most precise moisture monitoring available on the market today.

Taking up to 5,000 measurements per second, the sensor delivers precise, high-resolution measurement that enables mills to increase throughput while reducing operating costs.

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American Roller

Booth 114

Bearings  Roller bearings

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Prizes to be given away:
Bushnell Golf Speaker and Garmin Golf GPS Watch

Belt Conveyor Guarding

Booth 333


Conveyor guarding for existing bulk handling equipment

Keeping workers safe by providing compliant, ergonomic, and user-friendly machine safety guards.

Prizes to be given away:
Safety Guage and Smart Wedge Clamp

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Booth 301

Ruby Sponsor


Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro technology

Entrained air is a variable that must be addressed in nearly every paper machine system. It is a disruptor, and when it is high and/or fluctuating, it impedes wet end drainage. When wet end drainage suffers, production and quality suffer.

The Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro technology from Buckman uses real-time measurement to produce a continuous stream of entrained air information. 

Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro Technology


Booth 226

Equipment, Process Equipment, Stainless Steel spools and Fabricated Pipe Stainless Steel Spools and Fabricated Pipe


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Columbia Machine

Booth 701


Palletizing solutions

Columbia Machines - Palletizing
Core Link

Booth 507

Equipment, Finishing,
Material Handling, Process Equipment, Core Cutters & Systems; Roll & Broke Roll Cutters

Core Handling Systems

Core Link


"Efficient Core Handling Systems for New Containerboard Lines and Rebuilds"


Booth 322

Equipment, Paper,
Process Equipment

FiberScan™OnLine 1.0 - a highly accurate, on-line microwave meter non radioactive, easy to install, for measuring consistency/water mass on paper and pulp machines.


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Booth 515


Next generation of solutions for improving machine fabric performance, controlling problems control pitch and stickies deposition

Improves performance and can eliminate deposition in dryers, calendar and other heated surfaces.

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Booth 227

Paper and board drying, tissue drying, energy efficiency,
and building ventilation

Heat Recovery from Turbo Exhaust:  A Rebuild Project Case Study

Energy Systems

State of the art engineered systems that recuperate energy to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

We specialize in providing custom solutions for paper, board and tissue mills.


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Firefly AB/FNA Inc.

Booth 815

Fire Prevention and Protection Systems Fire Prevention and Protection Systems

Product Demo onsite

Case study

Jedson Engineering

Booth 500

Engineering, Automation, Dust Control 

DCS Migration

Dust Control

 Product demonstrations

Booth 706

Buildings/ Facilities,
Equipment installation

3D Building Information Modeling/Virtual Construction

New technology that is proven to improve construction quality, reduce cost and improve project schedule; Minimizes change orders.

One example is linking the project schedule to the 3D model to improve coordination and reduce machine downtime.


Booth 737

Chemicals/ Compounds,

METRIX Dragon/PARETO Technology Case Study

METRIX™ Dragon and PARETO™ technology helps a leading manufacturer of recycled papers to achieve savings of more than 500K USD/YR


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Booth 407

 Raw materials

Aqurate HD30 Case Study

Aqurate HD30 is specifically designed fine Ground Calcium Carbonate coating pigment. It displays a proven ability to reduce TiO2 in coating formulations because of its tremendous light scattering power.

Omya Aqurate HD30 gives excellent brightness and coverage while replacing the industry standard clay in a typical Coated Recycled Board formulation.


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Booth 536

Lab and on-machine test instruments 

Hi-Op Paperboard PerFect Formation Analyzer (Hi-Op PPF) - Unveiled at TAPPICon!

A Breakthrough in Paperboard Formation Analysis on Sheets up to 3000 g/m²
– Sheet strength, print/coating quality, and converting performance can be improved with detailed and accurate formation analysis. Paperboard manufacturers can optimize formation in ways not possible with traditional Beta-ray single index instruments.

The Hi-Op Paperboard Perfect Formation Analyzer (Hi-Op PPF) expands formation analysis capabilities by measuring paperboard sheets for grammages up to 3000 g/m2. All generations of PPF provide measurement of formation beyond a single index measurement by sub-dividing formation, “flocs”, into 10 component size ranges from 0.4mm to 60mm.

Attendees have an open invitation to bring a sample sheet (minimum 100mm x 100mm) of high grammage paperboard.

Hi-Op Paperboard PerFect Formation Analyzer (Hi-Op PPF)




Booth 400

Ruby Sponsor


Digital Integrated Asset Data Lifecycle

Radix will demonstrate through a live Demo and Dashboard how our knowledge in OT/IT and ET combined can leverage data to drive operational excellence and enable Data-Driven Organization for the Pulp & Paper industry.

From this Demo data will be collected utilizing AWS Technologies and a Conmark consistency transmitter, and Radix will display a dashboard showing how we integrate collected data, showcasing how tracking, gathering, and using data to measure KPIs can generate real value and optimize operations from the start until the end of an asset lifecycle

Radix partners, AWS and Conmark will join us at booth 


Onsite demonstrations combine Radix knowledge with AWS and Conmark products.


Prize to be given-away: AWS Monitron sensor

Superior Products International

Booth 236

HPC Spray on Insulation used to replace Metal Cladding

HPC Spray-on Insulation


- Product helps solve problems with energy savings, corrosion, personnel protection, and more.

Product demos

Case study

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Thiele Kaolin

Booth 702

Materials - Raw Tailored mineral solutions Download brochure

Booth 225


Sapphire Sponsor


Wedge process analytics

Join us for these 15 minutes demonstrations:

Monday and Tuesday • 10:30 AM - Trend Analysis:  See how you can do a week's worth of data analysis in minutes using Trimble's Wedge process analytics tool.

Monday and Tuesday • 11:30 AM - Pattern recognition in data analysis: Learn how to utilize pattern recognition in your paper profile data using Trimble’s Wedge process analytics tool


Booth 525

Finishing, Power/ Energy, Paper, Packaging, Safety

New Drone

- Drone used for dust cleaning services in mills. The drone will be onsite and ensures safer and more efficient cleaning.

New Robotic Inspection Service

 - The robot will be onsite and can inspect confined spaces and other hard-to-access areas such as boilers, storage tanks, and other industrial equipment utilizing high-resolution camera, laser robotic and drone technology.

Valmet User Interface

- Interface will be displayed on a monitor in the booth and is a new web-based user interface for Valmet DNA distributed control system (DCS). It concentrates on making the most meaningful information available to all process automation users according to their roles, regardless of their location. The new structured UI adds capability without complexity. Improving your competitiveness could become your team’s routine.

Product demos onsite

Case study

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Valmet Product


Booth 961

Equipment, Material Handling, Process Equipment

Case Study: Harmac Pacific Pulp Mill, Chip Receiving Sump Pump (Vaughan Vertical Wet Well model V3L discharge Chopper Pump)

Pumping solution to dewater sumps where chips tend to cause pump plugging and maintenance problems.

Manufacturer of heavy duty solids handling chopper pumps and mixing technology.

Vaughan pumps ability to handle the high solids’ content and the combination of abrasive and corrosive materials in contaminated wastewater make them ideal for the pulp and paper industry.

We will have our working demo unit of our Vaughan Chopper Pump.

Download case study


Voith US Inc.

Booth 514

Equipment, Environmental, Information Technology and Control, Process Equipment


A new service to optimize doctor blade settings with the following advantages:

- Detection of problems associated with uneven pressure distribution
- Higher machine efficiency and lower TCO can be achieved with properly set doctor blades
- Optimization of the service life of doctor blades and
roll covers
- Comprehensive service with a clear list of actions
- Everything from a single source: Measurement, blades,
holders and technology support


Product demos onsite

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Vooner FloGard, LLC

Booth 823

Information Technology and Control,Power/ Energy, Paper,
Process Equipment,
Vacuum dewatering of fabrics

Orifice Testing

Live demonstration of the vaccum pump orifice testing (TAPPI TIP 0420-12 - measurement of vacuum pulp air flow)

This test measures sustainability of power.

Shower actuator reversing affects wasted trip. Self cleaning gravity strainer allows reuse of white water captured in felt conditioning


Booth 606

 Process Equipment

Magnetic-Flowmeter/Yokogawa Pulp & Paper Magmeter

Prevents leaks and damage to the electrode by injecting PFA lining material directly into a full welded punch plate; extence the lifetime of the flowmeter and reduces downtime; Our patented flowmeter Dual Frequency Excitation provides immunity to high flow noise in fluids with highly concentrated slurry. The advanced sensor design ensures an accurate and stable measurement in difficult applications such as the circulation/extraction line or blow line.

Test measures sustainability of power; shower actuator reversing affects of wasted trip; self cleaning gravity strainer allows reuse of white water captured in felt conditioning.

Yokogawa Flowmeters

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