Hot Topics Breakfast

April 22 - 26, 2023 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Hot Topics Breakfast Roundtables

Tuesday, May 3 • 6:30 am - 7:45 am

 Join a discussion with experts!


Hot Topics Breakfast Schedule

Schedule and topics are subject to change. Visit our website often for updates.

6:30 – 6:45 am
Breakfast Buffet / Find a Table / Personal Introductions
6:45 am
TAPPI Antitrust Policy Reminder
Table Discussions to Begin
7:40 am
Five Minute Warning
7:45 am
Wrap-up and Thanks to Our Hosts
8:00 am
TAPPICon Technical Sessions Begin


Table Topics

 Session Chair: Philip Wells, Wells Enterprises Inc. 


Subject to change.

Hot Topic
Sponsoring Group
Table Moderators


 Quiet Leadership: Smart Ways of Transforming Performance at Work

Sponsor: Women in Industry Division

Rosy Covarrubias, Buckman

Maja Mejsner, Valmet


Optimizing Fourdrinier and Press Section Suction Box Performance 

Sponsor: Papermaking Fundamentals Committee

Jay Shands, Paperchine, Retired and Daryl Wells, Asten Johnson


Management Lessons from Quarantine

Couch Pit University is committed to perpetuating the Art of Papermaking.  This will be an open discussion about all things papermaking including management in these unique times.

Sponsor: Couch Pit University

Gary Nyman, International Paper


Career Navigation: Creating Your Path to Success

Sponsor: Young Professionals Division

Sarah Dale, International Paper


How is Digital Transformation Progressing in Paper Mills

Remote monitoring, Cloud applications, advanced analysis and optimization.  Come and have a lively discussion about experiences good or bad and learn how others found success.

Sponsor: Process Control Division

Dave Maddux, Valmet Automation



Sponsor: Papermaking Additives  

Terry Bliss, Solenis


Update on TAPPI Tips and Standards

Learn how to access and appreciate this marvelous resource.

Sponsor: TAPPI

 Brittaney Lovett, Souadou Camara, TAPPI


Paper Grades and Paper Properties of Nonwood Papers from Toilet Paper to 6 Pack Containers 

Sponsor: Non-Wood Division

Mark Lewis, Sustainable Fiber Technologies 


Are Papermakers Afraid of Press Felt Trials? 

The benefits of a better performing press felts are huge; every papermaker knows that. Yet, trial runs with improved designs are often endlessly postponed. Why is this? And what can WE do to drive innovation?

Sponsor: Paper Technology and Operations Committee

Marcel Lensvelt, Feltest 


Top Proactive Risk Reduction 

Sponsor: PIMA Safety Committee

 Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar