2023 Hot Topics Breakfast

April 28 - May 1, 2024 | Cleveland, OH

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Hot Topics Breakfast Roundtables

Tuesday, April 25th • 6:30 am - 7:45 am

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Hot Topics Breakfast Schedule

6:30 – 6:45 am
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6:45 am
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7:40 am
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7:45 am
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Table Topics


Session Chair: Philip Wells, Wells Enterprises Inc. 
Hot Topic
Sponsoring Group
Table Moderators


Motivate, Germinate, Cultivate, and Harvest:  Women and Career Growth 

In this cooperative discussion, we will discuss how to be the “gardener” of your own career growth—and how to help other women “sow success.” Be ready to share industry-specific challenges/solutions as well as receive career-building advice and strategies.

Sponsor: Women in Industry Division

Jan Bottiglieri, TAPPI


 “External Fibrillation of Fibres”

In LC refining, fibrils that are dislodged from the fibre surface remain attached to the fibre, which has a significant effect on the strength of the final product and unlike fines, they aren't washed out in the forming section. At this table we will discuss new instruments that can measure external fibrillation and the potential of using this measurement to control refiner operation.

Sponsor: Papermaking Fundamentals Committee

Roland Trepanier, Optest Equipment Inc.


"Managing Todays Workforce; Hiring, Retention, W/L Balance, Training"

Couch Pit University is committed to perpetuating the Art of Papermaking.  This will be an open discussion about all things papermaking including management in these unique times.

Sponsor: Couch Pit University 

Greg Pittman, Pactiv Evergreen


"What is the Future of Work"

Young professionals are coming into a completely different work landscape than we have ever seen before but what does that look like? Come chat about what changes are coming to how work is done in the industry and how that looks for young professionals.

Sponsor: Young Professionals Division

Brennan Augst – Voith


"Adapting to Supply Chain Issues and Labor Shortages for Executing Projects and Maintaining Existing Installations"

Sponsor: Process Control Division

Amanda, Sans - Global Process Automation


“MicroFibrillated Cellulose”

Industrial scale use of MicroFibrillated Cellulose (MFC) is established in the paper and packaging industry. In this Hot Topics Breakfast we will discuss the different types of MFC that are available, product forms and application methods and investigate some of the applications of MFC barrier layers on various grades.

Sponsor:  Papermaking Additives

David Skuse - FiberLean Technologies Limited


"Barrier Coating" 

Barrier coating plays a vital role in paper and paperboard packaging applications. In this Hot Topics Breakfast, we will discuss advances in barrier (oil and grease resistance, gas, water, water vapor, etc.) coating materials and their application methods, especially focusing on sustainability developments.

Sponsor: Coating and Graphic Arts Division

Gordon Bugg - Kemira Chemicals


“Molded Fiber (3D Papermaking)”

Discussion of molded fiber challenges ahead - advantages and disadvantages of wet molded and dry molded fiber - similarities and differences compared to traditional papermaking

Sponsor: Molded Pulp Division

Lon Pschigoda - Western Michigan University 


“Steel Paper Dryers ”

Discussion will be open but will center around the impact of steel dryers on drying systems equipment sizing and application and how well the drying design targets are being realized.

Sponsor: Paper Technology and Operations Committee

Mark Harrison - Southern Erectors Inc.

“Hands-On Safety Training Best Practices”

The prevention of serious, potentially life-altering injury is a key focus in many organizations. One of the organizational responsibilities related to this includes training employees who may perform high hazard tasks. Unfortunately, much of this training has been accomplished over the years – with varying degrees of success – by either on-the-job training or computer- based training or some combination of the two. Training efforts, in the conjunction with high turnover rates in the current labor force, often prove to be ineffective. Please join this informative, interactive session openly discussing alternative methods to improve safety training efforts through “hands-on, practical demonstration of understanding”.

Sponsor: PIMA

Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar

HTB. 11

“TAPPI TIPs and Standards Test Methods”

An open dialogue raising awareness of TAPPI Technical Information Papers (TIPs) and Standard Test Methods and discussing the benefits of participating in the review of these important industry resources.

Sponsor: TAPPI

Souadou Camara – TAPPI
David Loebker - Procter & Gamble Company


"Oversheeting in Converting. How to Recognize and Reduce These Losses"

Tissue products, due to their high stretch, have the most compressibility of all paper products. In many instances, few firms recognize that oversheeting is occurring. Learn best practices, ways to monitor and control this within your own process across pulping, paper machines, winders and converting. This will also include discussion on legal requirements that come into play.

Sponsor: Tissue Committee

David Zerr - Pulmac Systems International